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Any processed, partially processed, or unprocessed substance taken into the body primarily for providing nourishment. In addition, factors such as satisfying social needs, achieving psychological ...

Domain: Food (other); Category:  Collected Term

A scene mode for vivid photographs of food. The flash defaults to off but can be turned on manually. This is the term used in COOLPIX cameras. The COOLPIX version of this function however ...

Domain: Food (other); Category:  Collected Term

To add both source and target terms at the same time, consider importing from

Domain: Food (other); Category:  Collected Term

地球、太陽から近いと作品の第 3 順序のためにはるかによると、ソーラー システムで 8 つの惑星の 1 つ。 地球は太陽電池システムの 3 番目の惑星が太陽系、品質と最大級の地球に似た惑星の密度の直径です。 地球は人間を含む生物の何百万人に家。 地球は天体の既知の宇宙に存在する唯一の人間の生活です。 ...

Domain: Aerospace; Category:  Collected Term

Earth, one of the eight planets in the solar system, according to Sun from near and far for the third order of pieces. Earth is the third planet of the solar system, but also the diameter of the ...

Domain: Aerospace; Category:  Collected Term

Going-concern is an accounting idea that a business should be valued on the basis that it will continue operations for the foreseen future.

Domain: Accounting; Category:  Collected Term

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