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General literature


Literature; General literature

Den litterære kunsten at latterliggøre en dårskab eller vice for at udsætte eller rette den. Genstand for satire er normalt nogle menneskelige skrøbelighed; personer, institutioner, ideer og ting er ...


Literature; General literature

The repetition of identical or similar concluding syllables in different words, most often at the ends of lines. Rhyme is predominantly a function of sound rather than spelling; thus, words that end ...


Literature; General literature

A metaphor is a figure of speech that makes a comparison between two unlike things, without using the word like or as. Metaphors assert the identity of dissimilar things, as when Macbeth asserts that ...


Literature; General literature

A literary device that uses contradictory statements or situations to reveal a reality different from what appears to be true. It is ironic for a firehouse to burn down, or for a police station to be ...


Literature; General literature

En type af oplysende diktion. Dialekter tales af definerbare grupper af mennesker fra en bestemt geografisk region, Gruppen for økonomiske eller sociale klasse. Forfattere bruger dialekt kontrast og ...

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