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A genre of rock music with a thick, huge sound, characterised by extremely amplified distortion, extended stringed instrument solos, forceful beats, and overall loudness. It is often associated with ...

Domain: Music; Category: General music

A combination of serious metal with influences from various genres like rock, hard core punk and other unrelated genres. It is characterized by serious stringed instrument riffs, lyrical vocals, and ...

Domain: Music; Category: General music

A combination of heavy metal and funk. It's history traces back into the late 80's and is a subgenre of the alternative metal. The most influential funk metal bands are Fishbone and Red Hot Chili ...

Domain: Music; Category: General music

A combined genre of alternative metal and groove metal that includes grunge, bass riffs, hip hop and funk. The usage of seven-string guitars and five and six-string bass is popular with this kind of ...

Domain: Music; Category: General music

Is a lyrical form of the genre hip hop. The bands frequently uses keyboard instruments for this genre. It lacks growling and melodic singing that is associated with nu metal.

Domain: Music; Category: General music

The most extreme and intense subgenre of heavy metal. It is considered as "Satanic metal" because of anti-Christian ideology of most black metal bands. Most of their songs contains profane ...

Domain: Music; Category: General music

Considered as black metal's subgenre that is characterized by chaotic and very noisy sound. It has slow pace, often dark, with violent imagery and with Norse mythology during the Viking ages.

Domain: Music; Category: General music

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