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Fruits & vegetables; Fruits

This fruit is third in importance in the U.S. (behind apples and second-place oranges). There are two general classifications: Freestone, in which the pit falls freely away from the flesh, and ...


Fruits & vegetables; Fruits

A fruit from to the rose family which includes apples, plums, cherries, apricots, and strawberries. There are over 5,000 varieties of pears. It improves in texture and flavor after it is picked. ...


Fruits & vegetables; Fruits

A warm-weather fruit of which there are two important varieties: "Hachiya" (Japanese persimmon) and the "Fuyu" which is milder. The Fuyu is smaller. Both should be completely ripe before eaten. Used ...


Fruits & vegetables; Fruits

En overordentlig saftig frugt med en karakteristisk syrlig sød smag. Ananas skal plukkes når den er moden, fordi de ikke modner fra anlægget. Engelske opkaldt denne frugt for sin lighed med en fyr ...


Fruits & vegetables; Fruits

The yellow to deep red, cherry-like fruit of a Brazilian tree of the myrtle family. These fruit, which are now grown in the U.S., are slightly acid and are eaten out-of-hand and used in jams and ...


Fruits & vegetables; Fruits

Frugten fra en stor, træ-lignende plante. Melbananer tilhører bananfamilien, men er større, mere stivelsesholdig og ikke så sød. Den har en squash-agtig smag og bruges meget ligesom en kartoffel. Den ...


Fruits & vegetables; Fruits

Cultivated in temperate zones throughout the world for at least 3,000 years, there are now thousands of varieties of this popular member of the rose family.

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